Answers to the most popular questions we receive


Can we come to a trial / taster class?

Yes, of course! You can come and try any of our classes completely free of charge and with no obligation, to see if it's for you before you join. Get in touch on 07852 148 734 to book in.

Do you have any joining fees?

No. None at all. You simply pay monthly - if you want to leave its as simple as "call to cancel" with us.

Are there any contracts or tie-ins?

No, no contracts or minimum commitments. None at all. You simply pay monthly - if you want to leave its as simple as "call to cancel" with us.

Do I need any special clothing?

We have uniforms for the classes. We usually run promotions which include a free uniform when you join a club! Please contact us for more details

Will I get hurt?

No, you won't. It's entirely up to each member as to whether they participate in full contact training or not.

My child is very shy, will they be OK?

Certainly. Most children start off this way but within just one class they will be absolutely fine. The instructor and other children will make your child feel very welcome. Our classes teach friendship and respect for others.

How much do the classes cost?

Different locations have different training options so your payment is based on what you'd like to do. Your instructor will run through all the available options and costs.

I've done martial arts before. Will I have to start grading again?

The simple answer is "no" - however the belt/ grade will have to be in the same discipline as we teach. If you trained and graded in judo for example then yes, you'd need to start again, as we are not a judo club

Are there opportunities to enter competitions?

Yes! There are many competitions that you can take part in if you or your child wish. The instructors at Bearwood will be able to advise further.

There is no obligation or pressure to enter any competitions. It is entirely your choice.

Myself / My Child has a disability, is this a problem?

No! As long as you / your child is willing and able to train, then we would love to have you and help you reach your goals.


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